Firm Outline

Patent attorney (Partner)
Partner Makoto ABE
Hiroaki YAMANE
Takashi GOTOH
Michiko OI
Seiji TANI
Established June 1st, 2010
Number of Patent Attorneys 10 attorneys (Apr. 1, 2023)


Nagoya Office

BPR Place Hisaya-Odori Bldg., 3-20-3 Marunouchi,
Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0002,Japan

Telephone +81-52-959-4860
Facsimile +81-52-973-9028

2-minute walk from Hisaya-odori station, Nagoya City Subway

Osaka Office

Heiwa Fudosan Kitahama Bldg. 10th Floor, 2-1-5 Kitahama,
Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0041,Japan

Telephone +81-6-6226-7650
Facsimile +81-6-6226-7651

1-minute walk from Kitahama station, Osaka City Subway or Keihan line

5-minute walk from Yodoya-bashi station, Osaka City Subway

Domestic and International Patent Application

  • Domestic and international patent application filing processing
  • PCT application filing according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Processing patent procedures up to the point of securing a patent right for the application

Main technical fields
Batteries, control devices, substrates, digital image devices, ceramic products, catalyst materials, adhesives, medical instruments, pharmaceuticals, optical equipment, electronic devices, semiconductors, polymer compounds, genetic engineering, and others

Domestic and International Design Applications

  • Domestic and international design application filing
  • Processing procedures up to the point of securing a right for the design application

Domestic and International Trademark applications

  • Domestic and international trademark registration application filing
  • Application filing for international trademark registrations according to the Madrid Protocol
  • Processing procedures up to the point of securing an international trademark right for the application


  • Infringement litigation relating to intellectual property rights
  • Litigation relating to trial decisions and cancelling of trial decisions
  • Requests for interpretation
  • Appraisal of right validity and scope boundaries
  • Preventive measures against infringement


  • Surveillance of trends in technology
  • Preliminary survey for applications
  • Preventive surveys against infringement
  • Exhibit search for use in infringement litigation / invalidation trials

Support to companies

  • Planning of patent strategies
  • Services of intellectual property training (instruction/lectures) for in-house technical staff

Other services

  • Maintenance of rights after registration
  • Procedures on right licensing contracts and assignment contracts