Privacy Policy

Kyodo Patent Law Firm (hereafter “the Firm”), as a firm of professionals qualified by the Government to practice law, has crafted and will adhere to the policy set forth below concerning personal information protection.

Personal information

 In the personal information protection policy, “personal information” refers to “information concerning an individual, allowing to identify a specific individual from a name, date of birth or some other description; or from a number, code or other symbol; or from images or sounds, contained in the information concerning the individual”.

Acquisition of personal information

 The Firm will acquire personal information in a proper manner, without resorting to deceit or other illicit means. The scope of the personal information acquirement will be kept to the minimum for the intended purpose.

Purpose for which personal information is used

 Personal information on a client as gathered by the Firm is to be used for the purposes of processing of cases as specifically requested by the client, and for communicating with the client when dispatching documents, etc., and will not be used for any other purpose. However, a client’s personal information may be used, for purposes other than the above, 1. as requires by laws and ordinances and/or when laws and ordinances constitute a ground for exception, and 2. when agreed upon by the client.

Management of personal information

 The Firm will manage a client’s personal information in an appropriate manner, make efforts to avoid loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of the personal information, and will take appropriate measures towards improving the information management system if the necessity arises.

Compliance with laws and ordinances

 The Firm shall comply with laws pertaining to protection of personal information, and with guidelines, directives and the like related to such laws.

Should the above privacy policy need to be revised, appropriate improvements shall be made accordingly, and the purport thereof will be announced in the website of the Firm.